Today is the third time my friend in Ohio has phoned before 5 a.m., forgetting about my time zone; Vancouver's on TV often enough that it's not a "Huh? Where?" podunk any more, so why she keeps forgetting just what time it is here in Downtown Canada from her location is perplexing, what with her figuring we must up, dressed & watching Terence & Philip already ("Uncle Fucka.."). 0/o. Her written English is spot-on, but spoken it's still quite stilted (her first language being Tagalog); I guess speaking & writing are like singing versus talking; different cerebral hemispheres.

That and the fact that cell phones are most un-ergonomically designed; you can listen, or talk but not at the same time, the audio pick-up being awkwardly located as is the the audio output aperature. I want an old fashioned receiver piece like I grew up with. Time to save up for that land line ...

She is on LJ, so she won't see this...

Where have you guys been all my life!?:

- for anyone who's always wanted to work with kids AND head lice, Valhalla finally opens it's gates. That's it; I'm throwing a party.

Gotta keep this page open somehow...
Well, to prove that I will use this account after finagling my way onto this site ("Oooh, you have to receive an 'inviation'; how posh..."), I'll think of something relevant that's happened to put down for posterity (or is it 'anterity'?)

Anyway, I've gotten a month's full-time work at $12/hr starting Monday, or Tuesday (we'll be informed by tomorrow at the latest) running 'til the 22nd of June, the completion deadline. And since there is a deadline date for this assignment, there could be overtime. Oh, it's office furniture installation; we'll be putting in work stations for a call center. I'll be glad to be active again, as well as getting enough $$ to squirrel away. Then, to get the coitus out of the place I'm living in now.

I try not to think about the Moh's Surgery procedure still waiting me in September. Most surgery I've endured, as stated elsewhere, I've not really been 'there' for, as it was always under a general. This time I'll be under a local & will feel the blood trickling across my hide, possibly.
Oh well, my sleep apnea's gotten so bad I'll bet I'd be an anesthetist's nightmare, trying to keep me breathing on top of everything else.

Hoping y'all have a good summer. Until next time, buckaroos...
Okay... where's that post that took five minutes of my time?
I shall get around to using this site, if only to make new contacts. And keep in touch with other LJ refugees. Maybe my Muse (such as it is) will come back.

- and I see the same HTML I use on LJ works here. Query; what, besides '<3' producing an actual printed heart and *hugs* (resulting in the asterisk-encapsuled text being bolded, as I recall) other HTML works on FB?
Well, I'm here. This place has been recommended twice by a friend whom I hope will join whatever this site's equivalent of a Friend's List is. Let's see what they've got that LJ ain't got.

Hey; the posting page/fields look just like....



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